Make smarter investment decisions using our resources

Choose where to invest money using our Portfolio Models

Should you invest in ETFs by region, ETFs by sector, individual stocks, bonds, cryptocurrencies? What percentage of your portfolio should you invest in the chosen asset classes? Deciding where to invest can be daunting. We make the process simple for you.

With our tools you will be able to see which is the portfolio that fits your needs best based on a combination of three factors:

  • Financial Strength Index™ score
  • Investor risk profile
  • Time horizon

Make informed decisions by using our Investment Watchlist

Knowing what asset classes to invest in is not enough. How do you choose good financial securities within each of them? Let us help you with that. Save time and money by reviewing our curated investment watchlist. We analyze hundreds of securities and filter those that pass our rigorous analysis to narrow down the choices for you and facilitate decision-making.

Our investment watchlist includes the following assets:

  • ETFs by regions
  • ETFs by sectors
  • Bonds ETFs
  • Cryptocurrencies

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