About Us

Our Mission

We want to replace old-fashioned, expensive financial advisors with a technology-enabled platform that guarantees everyone access to affordable, expert financial advice. This will help you create stronger financial foundations today for you to improve your current standard of living in the future.

Fivent wants to be the bridge between your present and your goals.

Our Philosophy

For some, finance is something to avoid. For others, it’s a means to make money. For us, finance is a language to write your own story. Finance uses numbers, but it is not about them. Finance is about you.

We believe that stronger finances provide a greater degree of personal freedom. We are building Fivent to empower you to manage your money in a way that is aligned with your life goals and personal values.

We show you the path, but you are the hero of your own story.

Our Team

We are a diverse, multidisciplinary group of people who share one goal: to build a product that has a meaningful positive impact on your life.

We believe that by empowering you to strengthen your finances, we are doing just that. Our best reward is to witness how our customers achieve their goals and create new possibilities for themselves and their families.

Thank you for letting us be part of your journey. We continue working hard to be worthy of your trust.

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