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Our Mission

"I founded Fivent because I believe stronger finances enable a greater degree of personal freedom."

"You are responsible for your wellbeing and that of your family; if you have a knowledge gap that is holding you back, you owe it to yourself to close it. Fivent is a bridge between your present and your goals."

Tulio J. Bracho, Founder


Is your goal to have financial freedom? an early retirement? To build wealth? A better future for your children?

Calculate your Financial Strength Index™ and understand the strengths and areas for improvement of your current situation. Prioritize your goals and get action plans to achieve them.

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Do you feel like numbers were never “your thing”? Nobody taught you how to handle your finances? We understand you.

At Fivent we offer you an investment course so you can learn to invest in stocks, bonds, index funds and ETFs. In addition, you will find guides and resources with which to learn how to prepare a budget, manage your debts and improve your financial knowledge in various areas.


Don’t know how to get started with investing or want to do it better?

With our tool InvestHub™ you will define your investment strategy and back your decisions with our curated ETF list. And since we don’t earn commissions for what you do, we do not have any vested interest in making you trade.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Fivent?

We are a place where you will find tailored expert insight on how to strengthen every dimension of your finances. Our algorithm analyzes your financial position and gives you recommendations on how to achieve the goals that will benefit you the most. You use our recommendations to back your financial decisions and strengthen your economy as a whole. Or in other words, we show you the path, but you make the journey.

Is Fivent a robo-advisor or a broker?

We are neither. You can’t trade in our platform and we do not manage your funds or charge you trading fees. We charge you an affordable flat-rate for unrestricted access to expert financial insight with which you can back your financial decisions and strengthen your position as a whole.

Fivent is to finance what a nutritionist is to food. A nutritionist helps you to understand good nutrition habits in general and also gives you recommendations specific to your health and your goals. Fivent does that but for your finances.

We want to replace the old-fashioned, expensive financial advisors with a technology-enabled platform that will guarantee that everyone has access to affordable, expert financial advice.

What makes Fivent special?

1) We are a true fiduciary

Our aim is neither to sell you products nor to charge you trading fees. That means that our success depends on winning you as a recurrent subscriber to our services. Hence,our focus is to add value to you, win your trust and become your chosen long-term financial partner.

2) Technology

Our proprietary technology allows us to give you tailored, expert financial advice that will help you back your financial decisions, strengthen your position and get you closer to your goals. Subscribing to Fivent is like booking a financial advisor (except it’s faster, cheaper and better).

3) A one-stop-shop

In Fivent you will find resources to make better financial decisions, calculate your Financial Strength Index™, understand your current position and areas you should focus on, choose an investment strategy that is aligned with your goals, learn the basics about managing your personal finances and build a strong financial foundation. We strive to be your place-to-go for any financial advice.

How does Fivent work?

We want to be your long-term financial partner and help you strengthen your finances, because we believe this will enable a greater degree of financial and personal freedom for you.

We provide services focused in three areas:

Planning: understand your position and work towards your goals

Step 1: You answer simple financial questions and our proprietary algorithm will tell you how strong your current financial situation is and which are the weakest areas you should focus on. This is called your Financial Strength Index™ (FSI).

Step 2: You will receive tips and action plans based on your answers. These recommended action plans will help you strengthen the weakest areas shown by your FSI and improve your overall financial position.

Learning: improve your general financial and investment knowledge

We cover different topics that will help you understand the basics, how to set your goals, develop healthier financial habits, control debt and be more prepared for financial downturns.

As for our investment course: investing without knowing the basics is like building a house without a blueprint. You will learn how to get started, the power of compound interest, how to diversify your portfolio and allocate assets, tax implications, what ETFs are, which broker to use and much more.

Investing: back your investment decisions with our financial expertise

You will have access to our tool InvestHub™ with which you will define an investment strategy, investor profile and time horizons aligned to your goals, and curated ETF list to back your investment decisions.

How much does it cost?

We follow a Freemium model. That means you can calculate your Financial Strength Index™ and access some educational resources for free.

You can upgrade your plan via a subscription that is paid annually, at the beginning of the period.

  • The Advanced plan costs 12,50€ per month (150€ / Year)
  • The Premium plan costs 41,66€ per month (500€ / Year)

All prices include 21% of VAT. You can find more about what is included in each plan in the pricing page.

Is Fivent for me?

Fivent is not a robo-advisor and will not make the trades for you. Some people may view this as a disadvantage. We view it as the perfect combination of expert financial analysis and flexibility to make your own financial decisions. A nutritionist recommends you what to eat and then you go buy the food in the grocery store or other shops. We do the same for your finances.

We believe Fivent is the best solution for self-sufficient people who:

  1. Are aware of the importance of financial planning, learning and investing
  2. Understand that they would benefit from expert financial advice
  3. Want to have the last word when it comes to their financial decisions and future

If this resonates with you, then Fivent may be the financial partner you are looking for.

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